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Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

Almost any kind of industry can substantially benefit from having call center operations for business processes such as customer service, telemarketing, and IT support among many others. We can hire people who have the skills suited for the specific nature of your industry and business, and we can back them up with cutting-edge technology that will put you ahead of the competition in terms of productivity and quality of products and services. Here are just a small sample of the different industries we serve and a brief description on how we reduce costs, increase revenues and savings, and optimize work flow through smart call center operations and other outsourced tasks.


The Aerospace industries cover a similar range of services, where competition is very high. Small and large travel businesses keep their quality services affordable to keep them ahead of the competition. So they employ business process outsourcing (BPO) companies to help them ease the burden of tasks.

Information Technology

The sector of IT is booming with an advancement in technology and digitization. There are IT based industries who utilize the contemporary means of communication such as mobiles, internet, and various internet-based apps to enhance their productivity.


Planning and managing resource constraints and adapting to evolving regulatory norms pose a huge threat to clients in the energy and utilities industry. At Cimmons, our services will help you to gain a competitive advantage and let you focus on customer-centric and mission-critical tasks.

Agricultural Companies

At Cimmons, we provide the complete BPO service for the agricultural industry so that it could also take a leap on to the global plane via technological expertise and can create sessions for enquiry settlement. This sector now requires a complete makeover and to develop an ability to cater to the dynamic needs of modern consumers.

Pharmaceutical Companies

One of the most in-demand services today in the pharma industry is medical transcription, and we have the most brilliant professionals who can provide you with this service. Our medical transcription solutions are scalable and customizable to your needs, so budget is not an issue nor the medium of communication. Tell us what you are capable of using for your dictation, and we will work out a plan to meet your goals.

Manufacturing Companies

Some of the key concerns that manufacturers have today include product development and innovation, increasing skill gap, and the ever-changing market. At Cimmons, our robust solutions help clients in this sector overcome these pertinent challenges and cut through the competition.

Ecommerce Companies

The constantly changing buying preferences of the customer and rapidly changing demands are some key challenges faced by the e-commerce industry today. We, at Cimmons, are fully equipped to provide you with efficient back-office solutions which will allow you to focus on your core competencies.

Customs Brokerage

As an industry, customs brokerage faces numerous challenges like compliance with international trade regulations, staying updated with security protocols, & working around many obstacles. We help you overcome complexities of global trade & maintain operational efficiency’s.

Media and Entertainment

Transforming digital technologies and new avenues puts a lot of pressure on the clients in the media and entertainment industry to focus on streamlining their support processes and building core competencies. Outsourcing integral operations to us will help you gain process efficiency and save time and money.

Tele Communications

High call volumes, not enough call center agents, and long hold-times are the norm in the telecom industry. Customer support services for the telecom industry are never easy to access. Whether consumers are contacting phone companies, cable companies, satellite television providers, or Internet service providers, We, at Cimmons, can help change that.


Clients belonging to the healthcare industry are constantly facing several challenges such as higher healthcare costs, patient data privacy issues, managing the patient volumes, ethical issues, etc. We, at Cimmons, can help remove some burdens by providing quality back-office services.


Education sector experiences increasing competition. Clients in this industry are forced to focus on increasing enrollments & providing quality education by working around staff and resource constraints. Our back-office services considerably support organizations in the education sector meet their goals.

Banking & Finance

Banking and finance industry face numerous challenges such as fierce competition from other financial institutions, skyrocketing customer expectations, rising regulatory challenges, etc. We can help you overcome these challenges and help you improve your efficiency greatly.


The constant battle for timely delivery and cheaper prices, place immense pressure on the clients pertaining to the Logistics industry to assure process efficiencies & identify price advantages. Our custom BPO services help logistics clients achieve their objectives.


The insurance industry has its own fair share of challenges including data security, data accuracy, over-regulation, changing customer behavior, etc. We, at Cimmons, can help you take the burden off by handling your back-office services in a highly efficient manner.


Our clients belonging to the automotive industry face several challenges like overcapacity, sustainability, and globalization. We strive to devise better branding and marketing strategies from them and identify potential opportunities and risks, to help them to achieve long-lasting success.


Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector is India’s fourth-largest sector and has been expanding at a healthy rate over the years as a result of rising disposable income, a rising youth population, At Cimmons, our services will help you to gain a competitive advantage and let you focus on customer-centric and mission-critical tasks.


Businesses globally suffer significant losses every year due to the lack of timely collection of debts. Cimmons collection service help companies maintain regular cash flow, reduce their risk of financial losses and ensure business continuity. Achieve accounts receivable excellence with minimal efforts – More recoveries, fewer debts

Public Sector

The public sector is one of the biggest service providers in a country. Delivered through a large number of central and local government departments, the quality in service provision across these organizations can vary widely, often resulting in an inconsistent and frustrating customer/public experience. With Cimmons custom BPO services, public sector industries can you level up their customer experiences.

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