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Cimmons – Best BPO & Call Center in India. We are ISO 9001:2015 & ISMS 27001:2013 certified organization.

We are the leading global service partnering company in Bengaluru | India

We focus on offering comprehensive solutions to b2c as well as b2b, partnering directly with our valuable clients assisting all type of businesses.

We are a young & dynamic organization, providing 365 days – 24/7 window solutions and offer an extensive gamut of services that includes BPO and Call Center Support, Data Processing Services and Application Development Services.

With the growing customer needs, we are focused in designing and deploying robust & exemplary customer experience management process covering all customer interaction touch points including voice, email, chat, social media handle.

We pioneer in increasing customer satisfaction resulting in customer delight and retention. What singularly discerns us is the business analytics & the technology being positioned at the forefront.


Our quality assurance is the process of observing and analyzing customer interactions. Tests a variety of factors: employee attitude & the effectiveness of problem-solving.

We involve the customer facing team in the development of the qa program – by considering the input of our front line team on how they are measured, we arm them with a sense of purpose, help foster a collaborative environment, and fuel ambition.

  1. Drastically lower the amount of security incidents within our company
  2. Evaluate an appropriate sample size of interactions.
  3. Constructive criticism is valuable – we identify and communicate the areas for improvement in an encouraging and supportive manner.
  4. Using gamification as positive reinforcement – integrate a fun way to achieve the goals set for the organization.
  5. Solicit feedback – the front line team has an unique and valuable perspective of how to improve customer satisfaction and operations.
  6.  Include all channels in the qa program – calls, email, chat, social media, and back office work
  7. Processes are defined and easily repeated which has helped us achieve scales of efficiency
  8. Distribution of responsibility has assisted us in focusing on resolution of issues quickly
  9. Implementation and keeping it up to date gives us an overview of the overall status of the information security management system



We strive to be the one stop destination for customer service and data analytics company where in our primary focus is customer delight and effective solutions for client needs.


CIMMONS – To be the pioneer in delivering the best of Customer Experience with state of art Technology thereby fulfilling our client’s needs with utmost sincerity and satisfaction.


People First

To provide our employees with opportunity, giving them voice to express their talent, passion, and commitment to excellence.



Since 2020, our success has been defined and safeguarded by strict adherence to these principles.

Precision –

Proven multi-tiered quality control protocols guarantee accurate results for all of our services.

Value –

Competitive offshore pricing with domestic & international management and support.

Security –

Certified, best-in-industry information security protocols guaranteeing the confidentiality & safety of your sensitive data.

Availability –

Operating on a 24/7 basis, 365 days per year. We are here to support your rush needs at any hour, regardless of weekends and holidays.

Responsiveness –

We promise a reply to any inquiry within an hour of receipt for any business information or project related query.

Speed – 

Daily capacity of 10,000 calls of inbound/outbound and 20,000 documents of coding. Rolling deliveries are readily facilitated through project completion.

Transparency –

Daily status logs sent for all ongoing projects before 12pm central.

Experience –

An industry leader since 2020, we’ve seen it all. We manage an average of 10 projects and 1lakh calls per month.

Dedication –

We are 135+ employees strong, the fastest growing outsourcing partner in the industry. Our team consist of 100% full-time employees with a minimum 3 year professional degree and an average 1 to 3  years of experience.

Business continuity –

We have presence in diverse geographical locations providing around-the-clock progress on your project.

Flexibility –

An extensive array of service levels tailored to your time, cost and information security requirements. Offering you options to choose from offshore, remote/hybrid.

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