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Blended call center-Best Blended Call Center Service

Blended Call Center Bangalore, India

Cimmons blended call center software is a powerful business tool that enables you to set the priority of outbound and inbound calls and handle requests more effectively during traffic volume peaks and slow periods. Our virtual cloud-based solution with CRM enables you to control call flow and call volumes using an active blending of predictive dialing campaigns and incoming calls, view real-time statistics, control the workflow of your agents automatically, set tasks priorities, and more. In a blended call center, inbound calls are routed to the available agents and the outbound calling list is automatically dialed by the dialer. Additionally, it can switch outbound agents to inbound agents if the call volume is high and moreover, inbound agents can be switched to outbound agents during slow periods. So, you can blend your calls between inbound and outbound agents effectively.

Multiple dialing modes

Provides various dialing modes to profit your business and suit your needs. Implement cloud-based Power Dialer, Preview Dialer, or Predictive Dialer and customize your campaign settings.

Automatic call distribution

The automatic call distribution feature in our blended call center transfers calls to agents based on different rules (like business hours, IVR selection, the longest available agent, etc.)

Customizable Campaigns

We can customize your campaigns as per the need of your business and the customer base. We customize it anytime to get better results.

Interactive Voice Response

We provide multi-level IVRs that further give you a self-help tool to attend your customers immediately with result-oriented options.

Live Call Monitoring

There are several options like call monitor, whisper, and barge that help the call center manager to improve the quality of communication with customers.

Real-Time Reports

You get all the call related reports in real-time to evaluate and track every call activity. It also helps in measuring the call center productivity.

Workforce Optimization

The blended call center provides intensive reports that further help in optimizing the workforce by deploying agents efficiently.

Comprehensive Reporting

Blended call center also provides comprehensive reporting about every ongoing call center process and about the agent performances.

Remote Agents

Our cloud-based blended call centers work smoothly with remote agents. So, any agent available at a remote location if logs in the portal can easily execute the process.


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Improving productivity

Combined call center solutions can help improve agent productivity. This is accomplished by ensuring idle agents are routed to tickets from each channel rather than being restricted to their phones. Agents can support each other and improve team productivity through collaboration.

Increased ROI

With a combined call center solution at your fingertips, you don’t have to hire as many agents as you would if you want them to perform specific tasks. The combined solutions can help businesses increase their profit margins and improve customer satisfaction, which in turn attracts more customers.

Improved customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction increases when they are connected to agents who don’t route them to different agents for multiple tasks (each with their own wait times) but take care of their concerns across all channels. It also helps employees build a relationship with the customer, so they can better serve the caller.

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