Data Verification

Cimmons checks different types of data for accuracy and inconsistencies after data migration is done. It helps to determine whether data was accurately translated when data is transferred from one source to another, is complete, and supports processes in the new system.

The biggest nightmare for data information officers is gathering, collating, analyzing and making data accessible for reference in an organization. With the expanse of data found in paper, digital, emails, databases and other forms, indexing this information prudently works effectively. With the deluge of data, data managers look to make this information readily available and easy to use for the organization.

At Cimmons, we offer document indexing services and help create complete databases that can support companies to survive in this data savvy environment. With our data indexing services, we offer multiple options to search and cross-reference data which is convenient and user-friendly.

Data Verification Services We Offer

With the need for documentation across various industries it is essential to make documents readily accessible and adaptable to various environments. For effective use of documents besides indexing, archiving them by converting paper to digital makes usability and accessibility simpler and easier.

Some of the indexing/archiving services that we provide include –

  • Full Profile and Text Indexing Services – At Cimmons we undertake full profile and text indexing services where data is readily available and quickly responds to users. Our data management experts handle text indexing using unique words and phrases which can search in the local database or other digital databases.
  • Document conversion Services – Cimmons handles any type of file and format requiring conversion by using latest tools, technology and experience. Clients across the world outsource document conversion to Cimmons which include simple Word to PDF conversion to more complex HTML data conversions – all in the fastest possible time.

Benefits of Outsourcing Verification Services to Cimmons

The benefits of indexing are it helps create a guide for digital or printed documents. A thorough indexing job begins with proper categorization of information and the words and terms used in the document need to be cross referenced. When outsourcing indexing services to Cimmons, some of the benefits include –

  • Ideal Mix of People and Technology –  The combination of right people and technology guarantees superior results. When choosing Cimmons for verification services, customers have the advantage of experts in the field along with state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure.
  • Managerial Talent with Professionalism –  Cimmons has dedicated project managers who work towards defined expectations and superior results. They facilitate open communication through e-mails, conference calls, status dashboards, etc. and ensure deadlines are adhered to by working closely with operational teams.
  • Assurance of Superior Services –  When data indexing services are outsourced to Cimmons, customers are assured of superior quality services. Our team of Quality Control personnel uses rigorous Quality Control (QC) methods to excel in the whole process of indexing and the customer benefits from highest quality of indexing services.
  • Customized and Robust Solutions –  Cimmons works with customers to understand their indexing requirements. Cimmons arrives at the style of indexing and the format in which it should be delivered in tandem with the client’s approval. After completion of information gathering, we decide on a customized and robust solution exclusive for customers to gain maximum benefits.

Choose Cimmons for Comprehensive Verification Services

Cimmons is one of the most trusted companies offering indexing services in India for a reason. Even before we set ground to offer verification services, our project managers swing into action to comprehend customer needs. After a detailed discussion of the project at hand, the team of data management personnel takes over. With an open communication channel we follow the process and methods which is either suggested by the customer or defined by Cimmons. Having the expertise to work on the latest indexing and database-related software, we support an open environment and look at open interaction with customers encouraging suggestions and feedback. This helps us respond to the needs of customers and maintain high levels of quality while undertaking an indexing project.

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