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Cimmons can develop and handle Customer complaint management that allows customers to register their dissatisfaction with the organization. It allows organizations to obtain feedback on how to improve their services and to decrease the likelihood of problems with the customer base.

Complaint management services are an integral part of any business. Accountability and trust are two key elements that hold clients or customers on to a business or brand. However, even as complaint management does not come under the core operations of a company, it is incredibly crucial to give it uncompromised attention. Chances are, you’re not able to give it the kind of attention that it deserves, thus losing out on many opportunities. When you’re unable to handle the whole complaint management process on your own, you can think of outsourcing complaint management services to a reliable company that has experience and skills to do it for you.

Cimmons is one such complaint management service providing company with a rich experience of working with companies, both in India and from other parts of the world to improve their complaint management process. With the help of our complaint management services, you can resolve the complaints of your clients in no time, without missing any of the complaints, thus improving your reputation as a brand. As we take care of all the hard parts for you, you can focus on the core areas of your business.

Complaint Management Services We Offer

  • Experience across various types of content: We have good experience in providing data conversion services to several publishing houses, libraries, and other content providers across the globe
  • Automated Complaint Management System: We use the best in class automated complaint management systems that make our services highly precise and accurate. These systems come with a variety of features and operations that simplify complex, time taking tasks while letting us shorten turnaround times. Features like exporting of the reports significantly reduce the workload for our team so that we can focus on other important tasks to make the complaint management process a lot more useful for you.
  • Multichannel Complaint Management: We also offer multichannel complaint management solutions so that complaints coming from various channels can be managed and taken care of for our clients. We use the software that is suitable to successfully carry out multichannel complaint management while ensuring that all the complaints from all the channels and platforms are addressed.
  • Complaint Management Dashboard Development: Creating a single complaint management dashboard can be tremendously useful for business owners who wish to have all the complaints monitored in one place. This can offer more control and hassle-free monitoring of complaints. We have a team of experts who specialize in developing customized complaint management dashboards as per the requirements of the clients.
  • Real-time Reports:
    The systems that we use and create for our clients have an edge over the many other companies that provide complaint management services in India. One such useful feature that distinguishes our systems is automatic, real-time reports that help in the timely address of complaints so that they can be promptly resolved. When you receive real-time reports, missing out on complaints is a rare phenomenon, thus building a better image of your business and improving your relationship with your clients.
  • Ticket Creation and Reaction:
    Ticket creation is one of the efficient ways of identifying any critical ratings that you get from satisfaction surveys for your clients. Such surveys give a better insight into what your clients think about your services, and any critical rating familiarizes you with aspects of your services that need to be worked upon. Our automatic ticket creation takes off the load to check for critical ratings manually. The dedicated team that handles these tickets get automatically notified, thus quickening the reaction and handling of the ticket along with successful resolution.
  • Improvements:
    We also create timely reports and identify potentials for improvements at the initial stages with the help of the figures from the complaint management systems so that we can work on various metrics. With this, our team that provides the complaint management services can effectively optimize and work on the complaints.

Why Choose Cimmons For Complaint Management?

  • Affordable Pricing Solutions: Our complaint management services are priced very fairly to fit the budget of companies of all sizes. We offer customized solutions and assess your needs and understand your budget to make sure that you can afford the best quality complaint management services without having to worry about the costs.
  • Information Security: We are an ISO 9001:2015 & ISMS 27001:2013 certified company and all our services and processes comply with the international standards of quality and data security. We understand our responsibility when you trust us with the data pertaining to your company and services. Thus, we stringently follow all the data security measures to offer you complete information security.
  • Prompt Action: With a team of well-trained, fully equipped managers and customer care executives, we are always on our toes with a keen eye for customer complaints. With systematic planning in place, we take prompt action with the help of our unerring skills and insights.
  • Cutting-edge Technology: We leverage the best software and systems with high accuracy and a variety of features to offer you top-notch complaint management services. We also keep upgrading ourselves to make sure all the current features are put in use to offer you uncompromised services.
  • Round-the-clock Assistance: Our team of customer care service executives is always available to help you. Whether you have queries regarding our services or any other matter, you can always reach us via email, call, or our website. We will get back and resolve your query in no time.

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